If you have already registered on this site for a previous fair, you can connect directly to your account, with the login you have chosen. You will then be able to access the "MY ITEMS" page, from which you can select the number of items you would like to upload for the upcoming fair. This page will be accessible at all times.

For a first-time registration:

Click "Register" button above.

Fill in the form. The top section is all that is required at this stage. You will be able to fill in the optional information once your registration has been validated and confirmed by the organiser. You only have to register once.

When you fill in the form, please make sure you enter http:// before the address of your website and the pages referring to a catalogue or website.
Make sure you enter all the relevant information about your bookshop: include links to your website, information about your social media profiles, a link to a catalogue, specify your specialities, etc. This information will be present at the footer of each detailed document on your booth, and on your main page, and can be added or modified at any time. Visitors will be able to contact you through the information you provide: phone, sms, social networks, or even videoconferencing. If you are only available at certain times, please specify it. The management of this page is particularly important.

Once your account has been validated, you will be able to access your account and, from the "MY ITEMS" page, choose the Fair you wish to attend and make the corresponding payment.


Once your registration has been approved by the organizer, your account will become active. The list of exhibitors will be visible here from the start of registration for each Fair and will be updated as new information is added.

All your documents and photos must be uploaded before the opening of the Fair concerned. You will pay for your booth via the service provider's portal, according to the rates described below ("BOOTH PRICING").

Payment must be made at the time of registration. However, you will always be able to upgrade the number of books to a higher plan by making a new payment.

You may continue to edit the items up until and after the fair opens.


Go to the fair website using the link we provided and look at the bottom of the page in the darkened area. You will see one or two links. If you see the term "MY ITEMS", click that to be brought directly to your dashboard. Or, if you do not see "MY ITEMS" you'll see "DEALER SIGN-IN". Click that to be brought to a gateway and enter your email and password (the same that you used when you first registered, only you manage these parameters) to be brought to your dashboard. You remain signed in until you click "sign out". Therefore, anytime you return to edit your listings, just click "My Items".


When you are on your dashboard, you will see a button called "ADD ITEM". Clicking on this button will open a new page. Enter the description of your item in the reserved field. This can be of any length, without any limitation. Your description may be any length. You must choose one category and you may choose up to three categories for each item. If you decide to remove a category you have chosen, just “uncheck” it. You will be able to move items around within your booth after you have entered them using the “drag and drop” method. Do not be concerned about their order when you first load them.
You will upload images directly from your computer. Be sure they are JPG or PNG format and under 10 MB in size. Photos should be at least 800 pixels so that they enlarge clearly when clicked. The first image you upload becomes the feature photo and the rest will appear below the feature photo when a person is on the item page looking for more details about the item. You may move the order of the photos by the “drag and drop” method using your mouse. If you use a tablet without a mouse you will need to research how to do that with your device. NOTE: It is important to preview each item to be sure the photos are oriented properly. If a photo shows sideways try reducing the size of the photo and uploading it again. That usually corrects the orientation. Photos may be portrait or landscape.
If you have any further questions, please send an email to [email protected]


You will be able to access a preview of your booth as soon as your books have been uploaded. Your booth will present a grid with three documents per row. You can move your documents in any order you wish, including during the Fair, using the "drag and drop" method. This allows you, for example, to drag "sold" items to the end of the booth and display them as such, an essential operation which, while enhancing the value of your items still available, gives you a real-time overview of the state of your booth. The choice of visual and the two subtitle lines (author/theme and title/tag line) are particularly important for good visibility of your booth, and to ensure that visitors decide to examine your document in detail.


Yes, you will be able to export all of your listings since you began your participation. At this time, only the copy can be exported. Look for the link on the footer of the website "Past Items". Click that link to receive options.


Stands are ordered by the "trade name" filled in at registration, classified according to the Word you choose at registration. For example: an exhibitor uses "Antiquarian William Smith" as a common name, and chooses the word "Smith". In the list of exhibitors, "Antiquarian William Smith" will appear with the letter S. Please choose your placement on the dealer list according to your name logic and the one by which you are known. A search engine on the main page of the site will also allow visitors to find you more easily.


You deal directly with the buyer. They will contact you by phone or e-mail (you indicate your preferences in the relevant form). The phone is the most common, quickest and most efficient way, if not the e-mail.
It is you who directly manages the order and the recording of payments.


Spring, Summer and Winter e-salons:

You cannot replace an item once it is sold and a sold item must be displayed as such: you will have a switch on your "dashboard" to click when an item is sold or reserved. Its price will no longer appear. However, it will be possible for you to replace a sold item with one of the "extra" items that normally appear on the last day of the fair; in this case, this item will be immediately on the site, without waiting until the last day.


Spring, Summer and Winter e-salons:

The price of the booth is determined by the number of items you upload.

  • €150 for 12 items (9 + 3 restock items)
  • €250 for 24 items (18 + 6 restock items)

Payment is made in € (euros), by credit card. You will receive a receipt from our service provider automatically by e-mail. The price of your booth is net price, without any other fees or commissions.

Please note that you will be able to make edits to articles and update profile information at any time.

The extra items appear on the last day to revive interest in the Fair. However, you can choose to replace a document sold from these "extras" without waiting until the last day of the fair.
We limit the number of items (from 12 to 21) so that your booth, "the bookseller's choice" is as relevant as possible. This is one of the keys to success. It is essential to pay attention to the quality of the photos, as well as the quality of the accompanying subtitles.


It is strongly suggested to choose documents that are unusual, attractive, and, if possible, not present on other e-commerce websites.

Don't forget that the Fairs are online 24 hours a day. You should make yourself available during the opening hours of the Fairs, as long as possible and taking into account the time zone adjustment.

Your presence will be particularly necessary during the first hours, in order to be able to answer questions and orders, through the means of communication that you will have indicated.

Elementary rules apply, even for a virtual Fair!


Fair Rules

The Virtual Fairs organised by the Syndicat de la librairie ancienne et moderne (hereinafter referred to as "the organiser") are only open to exhibitors who are members of SLAM and who have paid their membership fee, when this is due in accordance with the SLAM statutes, or who belong to a national association affiliated to the ILAB.

The exhibitor is responsible for the creation and content of his booth, including the downloading of images, the editing of his profile, contact details, terms and conditions of sale, shipment and payment. If the exhibitor does not respond in good time for the content or does not provide the content, the organiser is not obliged to reimburse the exhibitor once his registration has been registered and processed. A registered exhibitor is automatically included in the list of advertised exhibitors, which will be visible before the opening of the Fair. New registrants will be added progressively and automatically as soon as their registration has been validated by the organiser.

Virtual booths cannot be sub-let or shared and the items presented must be the sole property of the bookseller presenting them. If the organiser is prevented from holding a Virtual Fair, for any reason whatsoever and in particular for technical reasons, he shall have the right to cancel the fair or part thereof, without any other liability to the exhibitor than a refund of all or part of the fees paid by the latter. If the virtual Fair has not started, the refund will be full ; if it has started and has had to be interrupted, the refund will be made in proportion to the time spent since its opening, should a technical problem interrupt it.

All exhibitors are required to respect the codes of ethics and code of practice of SLAM or their national associations, as well as the code of practice published by the ILAB*. The Fair rules require, among other things, the precise description of the items or objects presented, with regard to printed texts or autographs, plates, facsimiles, bindings, and their condition: restorations, replacements, missing items, etc. The works are considered complete, unless otherwise stated. This information must be included on the invoice issued to the purchaser at the time of sale. The usual conditions of distance selling apply, increased by the customs in force in the profession. Please specify your shipping and payment conditions in your general terms and conditions. The buyer's complaints remain subject to the mandatory legal provisions, to the contract governing his relationship with the member, or if he is a consumer, to the Consumer Code.
Each exhibitor is required to provide an invoice or receipt to a buyer, which contains a full description and the condition of the item(s) sold. The exhibitor must indicate the price of any item offered. "Price on request" is not permitted. The organiser reserves the right to close the account of an exhibitor who does not comply with these rules, including after the start of a Fair.
The exhibitor undertakes to update the "sold" or "reserved" books and documents in his dashboard, and not to replace the documents presented during the Fair, except to draw from his reserve as described in the section "Can I replace an item when it is sold? "; nor to change its price or description, unless there is an obvious error.
When you register as an exhibitor, you are responsible for safeguarding your password and other authentication credentials and for any activity that is or appears to be made on your behalf. You agree to notify us immediately if you know or believe that your passwords and/or authentication credentials have been compromised. We are not liable for any acts or omissions by you or anyone who obtains your passwords or authentication credentials.
You further agree not interfere with the functionality or proper working of the services; introduce viruses, worm, logic bomb, trojan, wares, potentially unwanted programs, or other malicious software into the services; and to not use the services for direct marketing, spamming, unsolicited communications, or other advertising or marketing activities prohibited by applicable law. You represent and warrant that your use of the website is in compliance with applicable laws and that such use will not infringe or violate the rights of any third party including without limitation any copyrights, trademarks, privacy rights, contract rights, trade secrets or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights. You accept the risks of doing business with other users on our website, including dealing with people younger than 18, dealing with people under false pretenses; and trading internationally.
You give us the right to display the content on this website and use it in promotional materials, including through social media. We reserve the right to reject any content at our sole discretion.
We use third party payment processors to process booth rental fees. The processing of payments is subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policy of the payment processor used.

* https://ilab.org/articles/ilab-code-usages-and-customs